Topic: Got X on only one image in the gallery.

As in the topic :) I'm getting "X"-ed when trying to acces only one file from the whole gallery. Could you please help me with this because I'm getting mad as eveything looks OK.

it's the image no. 115 (page 13, 6th in a row)
gallery printed out from picasa

the original filename is jola_daniel_115.jpg and both files (image nad thumb) seem to exist, as well as xml is properly formatted... ARGH! :)

I reconverted from *dng to jpg format and reuploaded that file and a thumbnail and still the same the big X only with this particular file.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Got X on only one image in the gallery.

Okay, for the future generations...

I've got it finally working. I changed this thumbnail's file name into temp.jpg then uploaded different file under the problematic file name (...115.jpg) and it worked, so I changed temp.jpg into original filename and it worked!

Probably if you just manually re-enter a filename (by "changing" its name) without playing with diffrent files and stuff you'll get the same result.

And yes, my original filename was correct, I checked it five bloody times and btw all files went down to my server untouched straight from picasa.
Well i don't get it also but it works!

Take care.