Topic: Picassa / Flickr basic question

Here is the next basic question (next one should be moved to moderate)  :)

I have 145 album's on picassa right now, I do see a picassa template which looks like I would open the local app, export, then upload to my webserver, right?

I do see via the XML config some flickr support.  Now, I want to avoid pictures local, on a webserver, at a hosted site and would like to have an online copy and a local backup.  Now, I have all my pics local, organized by year, month, etc. so to start clean with a flickr is not out of the question, but here is the million dollar question.

Can using either of the above do this.  Website is hosted at godaddy with a good hosted account.  I wish to have the basic iWeb site in place which it is, but then have a click here for pic's.  Under that a backend link using simpleviewer to either of those for the pics, as opposed to making local albums, uploading to the webserver at godaddy, etc.   It seems simpleviewer and flickr can, but my findings on these plugins, etc. for picassa are like 4 years old.  So I goto the forums, for the pro's advice?

Man what a long boring thread for such an easy question, sry!  But that's it.  Can I autocreate albums, and if so which can support and if both, what is reccomended?  Does anyone have example sites, but as always I will continue to google, and try to add a little humor and info to the post!