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Topic: HTML embed - problem with 100% SWF height in Firefox -FIXED

UPDATE  I fixed the problem described below. Although I had defined the division #flashcontent (with 100% height and width) in the <head>, the division id wasn't used in the body.  The first link noted below is now working the way I wanted. I also took out the <width: 100%> entries as they don't seen to be required.
I am going from Lightroom 2.7 with TTG-simpleviewer into SvBuilder and finally into Dreamweaver for massage and upload.  I am embedding into an HTML page. I know Firefox requires specifying the html and body tags as< height: 100%; width: 100%: >  But I am doing something wrong.  I have the 100% width working -- see this link which specifies a 100% width and 760px height for the SWF size in Dreamweaver properties.


But when I make one more change, altering the SWF height size from <760px> to <100%> Firefox loses the simpleviewer gallery [Internet Explorer only shows a weird 300px-ish height gallery with this example]; this version is:

Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance