Topic: SimpleViewer or AutoViewer?

I'm trying to determine which product, SimpleViewer or AutoViewer, will support the features required for my gallery.  Digging through the documentation, it looks like both products have some of features but neither supports everything I'm looking for.

If my gallery looks like:   [#0 ]<  [#1]  >[#2]  [#3]
("<" and ">" are the nav arrows)

Requirements are:
a) to have a gallery which auto-loads on the second image (#1)
b) has left (#0) and right (#2) images appear opaque to the center image (#1)
c) has left/right buttons over the left/right images for navigation (so if on image #1, buttons hover over images #0 and #2)
d) navigation loops from last image to first

From the doc, the settings that I can determine for each app that meet the reqs:

- enableLooping="true"
- firstImageIndex=1
- does not support (b) above
- does not support (c) above

- loopAutoplay="true"
- unselectedBrightness="-120" (not sure if this would make the side images opaque)
- does not support (a) above

It seems like AutoViewer is the way to go.  I can thrash around in the AutoViewer FLA to accommodate the missing feature.  But maybe I'm missing something and SimpleViewer is the right option.

Any recommendations?


Re: SimpleViewer or AutoViewer?

If you are able to make the change to AutoViewer it sounds like that would fit your requirements.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.