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Topic: How to hide the reload (arrow) button ?


I'm planning to purchase tiltviewer pro for my freelance work. I'm currently running a demo version to test its functionalities. However I'm kinda struck with a certain setting.

I want only 9 images (3*3) in my gallery and Its displaying an arrow in the gallery.. How do i get rid of this ? I tried all the settings and i can't seem to get it disabled. useReloadButton ?? false.. then a rounded button shows up in the bottom of the gallery  :|  I'm using XML file and I only have 9 images in the XML code..

Maybe there aren't any settings in demo version ?




useReloadButton      true      Whether to use the circular reload button under the images, or to use next/back arrow buttons for gallery paging.

fo.addVariable("useReloadButton", "false");

When i false the value an Arrow shows up (Clicked it goes to new page and displayes a back arrow)

When i true it shows a reload button (Rounded arrow below the gallery)

When i comment out the line it shows the reload (Round button) again..

How do i get rid of this arrow or Rounded arrow  ??? ughh  :(

Please help.. Thanks

Re: How to hide the reload (arrow) button ?

Are you using the latest version of TIltViewer? Please download the latest version. If that's not it post the URL of your gallery.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.