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Hello all,

I recently updated my website portfolio with Simpleviewer but am having one heckuva time getting it to work on my site. I followed the "Embed with Dreamweaver" instructions on the Simpleviewer site and uploaded everything to my server. The gallery shows locally, but not remotely. When uploaded, I get the button telling me to update my Flash player. I have the latest version and it is still not showing. Tests on several different computers and OSs have proven to show the same button.

Important to note:

- The paths, as far as I can tell, are pointing to the correct places.
- I am on a Mac (OS X, 10.4.11), using Firefox (version 3.6.3).
- I did not use Fetch to upload my files, I used Classic FTP (previously I was using Cyberduck but the latest version does not support Tiger).
- I tried embedding the gallery using the Javascript embed as well as the Basic embed, and neither of those worked.

Any help would be appreciated. If need be, I can post or email files/code. The URL to the gallery is

Thank you in advance!

Re: Gallery shows locally, not remotely ... Help!

If you right click on the SWF and it says 'Movie Not Loaded', this means the SWF file was corrupted on upload. This is usually because the file was uploaded as text not binary. Try using a different FTP application to upload the SWF or check your upload settings.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Gallery shows locally, not remotely ... Help!

[s]Any rec's for a good freeware FTP program for Tiger on a Mac? I loved Cyberduck and am so sad that the latest version is not compatible with my OS. I thought I had found a good thing with Classic FTP![/s]

Nevermind, found the changelog where I can download an older Cyberduck version! Will test it out and see if it fixes the issue.

Re: Gallery shows locally, not remotely ... Help!

All right ... it loads now but I have white Xs ... never-ending problems!

Re: Gallery shows locally, not remotely ... Help!

Looks like you got it working as I'm seeing the pictures.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Gallery shows locally, not remotely ... Help!

Yup! Server just needed to cycle the update, I was impatient.

Thanks for the help!