Topic: Change "gallery.xml" in SimpleViewer-Pro v2

!! Hi 

I've purchased Simple viewer pro and i hope to find the way to customize "the linking" of  the swf file to the xml gallery and i dont find it.

Please, where can I change the name of gallery xml, that "reads" the swf file???

I need to have several swf files with his own "gallery.xml" in the same folder, or distribute it in several folders but to acces to them by one "SWF master" in a root folder. (im using load movie Num in flash)

I need to do it only with actionscript or similar. Because i dont want to use html because it is for a multimedia CDROM not for the web

Please help me I've purchased by the urgency , i thought to find a fla file where specify the xml for each swf

i dont want to develope complex code.

Thank you and Im sorry for my english I am latinamerican.

Re: Change "gallery.xml" in SimpleViewer-Pro v2

To load multiple galleries into a container SWF, check here: … html#flash

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.