Topic: Align in the center "FullScreen Problem"


Thanks for the quick answer to my previous post about embedding Flash.

But Now i have a new problem:

I have a main SWF movie that load (with Loader function) another swf, where is embedded several simpleviewer Gallerys, but this embbed movie automatically fit to the top left corner of the screen; i want this to be centered, i am not using html beause my project  is not for web, is for a full flash multimedia CD ROM.

My main movie has the code:

fscommand ("fullscreen","true")
fscommand ("allowscale","false")

and it functions very well but when i load the swf movie that contains the gallery, it goes to the top left corner

How can i do for the gallery be in the center of the screen??
better if it doesnt scale and hold the 800 * 600 pixels dimensions of the main movie.

Any idea where can i change the code??

Ohh another thing... looking in this forum i've read that the simpleviewer pro 2.0 comes with the 1.9 version in AS2 ???

¡¡ I purchased simpleviewer pro 2.0 and i didnt receive the 1.9 version !!!

What can i do to have it because it really help me a lot .....   AS3 is getting me crazy!!!