Topic: Font Issue in xml gallery

Hi all,

Need advise on how to handle non-english fonts in descriptions of the the images (flipside of photos).
I use Lithuanian as a primary language, however, each time I type lithuanian characters (ąčęėį, etc..) in the <description> of the XML gallery, in IE window I get either boxes, or question marks instead of characters.
I tried putting entity codes (i.e. &#261, &#281, etc..) to display Lithuanian-specific characters both with and without CDATA, but it seems Tiltviewer Pro just refuses to "translate" them into normal characters (I know they don't look "normal", but hey- I didn't invent the language) ...

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Re: Font Issue in xml gallery

Make sure your XML document is encoded as UTF-8.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.