Topic: index.html homepage-simpleviewer conflict

This is probably a simple answer...

I create the simpleviewer gallery files using Picasa3 and the main html folder is automatically labeled index.html.  However, the home page for my site, as I understand it, must also be called index.html.  Both html files would be in the same folder, which presents a conflict.  Can you help me resolve.  I guess Im looking for a solution where I can rename the simpleviewer html file so I can keep my homepage as index.html and simply embed the gallery into that homepage.  I don't have the page online right now.

Thanks, Matt

Re: index.html homepage-simpleviewer conflict

If you want your gallery on a different page than your homepage, simply rename the SimpleViewer HTML file to something other than 'index.html'. You can now link to it from your homepage.

If you want to embed a gallery in your existing homepage, check the instructions here: … dding.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.