Topic: Javascript API with Worpress 3.0 multisite problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a wordpress 3.0 install with subdirectories multisite enabled. So I've got a setup that looks like with subdirectory sites like I am also using the wordpress  mu-domain mapping plugin so that I can map the the subdirectory sites to their own urls - like to I got that working so that is now showing up at its own url So far so good.

Here is the problem. (and, therefore, is a photo gallery site that uses the simpleviewer-pro flash gallery plugin. I am also making use of the javascript API that comes with simpleviewer-pro to create external navigation controls for the photo slideshow ("next" and "previous" buttons) and to print the the photo captions on another part of the page.

Everything, including the external API controls, work flawlessly when the domain for the site is left as However, when the domain-mapping is enabled and the site is switched to the external API controls of simpleviewer-pro no longer function. The flash gallery itself is OK, it embeds, and all of the functionality from within the flash object itself works fine (i.e. you can advance the slideshow by clicking on the photo, etc.) The only thing that doesn't work are all of the sections of the page that are enabled by the javascipt API. The contents of divAPIOutput do not print out and the onClick navigation controls don't work.

Obviously, there is some problem with the API picking up on the domain mapping. Does anyone have any idea what is happening here and how it might be fixed? Of course, I am posting this message at the wordpress multisite support forum as well. I just thought that someone here might have had a similar problem and could help me out. It definitely seems like it is some issue with the functionality of the API. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Re: Javascript API with Worpress 3.0 multisite problem

It most likely a flash security issue, I would check that your embed code has allowscriptaccess set to "always" and not "sameDomain".  You also may want to consider a crossdomain.xml and make sure to clear your cache after making the changes. … trouble_11

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.