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Topic: Requests for enhacements to SimpleViewer

The following functionality would be nice to have:

1. Make an option to set the location of next/previous arrow static so it does not move around depending on the edge of the image.

2. Add option to put a "pad" of a given static size and user defined color under the image. The next/previous arrows should have an option to stick to this pads edges.

I have added the functions above by use of the old version of SimpleViewer, the one that came with flash source code. The purpose was to make the navigation more quiet, it should be the picture that catches the attention, not the moving arrows. A static low contrast "pad" also "calms your mind" as the outer borders are not changed between each image - which may have different aspect ratio and size.

Check out www.lystfotograf.net to see how it works.

Thank you...


Re: Requests for enhacements to SimpleViewer

Checked out your link and all I have to say is...  What???

Your big red arrows "make the navigation more quiet"?

You should try "Image Nav Style" = "Cursor" to start.

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Re: Requests for enhacements to SimpleViewer

At least the position of the arrows is predictable,  as long as the color does not change between each picture I consider it more "quiet" than jumping icons. Colors can of course be customized, and I admit that it is not the most discret choice :-)

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Re: Requests for enhacements to SimpleViewer

After digging into 2.03 version it appears that the necessary functions are available. "Image nav style" and "Image background color" is addressing the issues better than I expected!

Thanks for the quick implementation :-)