Topic: 3 things that prevent me from buying.


I have just been looking at SV a little because I need a new image presentation script.

Unfortunately I have not been convinced, there are three mayor items that are important to me that you do not provide (properly).
To be fair, I will explain them below. If someday these issues are fixed and I still should look for a new gallery script, I will gladly come back here because in fact I like SV very much. :-)

1) I'm reading in the forum - and this goes along with what I see in the free version - that there is no way for password protection?
Yes, I know about .htaccess but that's not what I'm looking for.
I want different passwords for different galleries and to do the whole thing in htaccess is just too much work and a pain to administer later on.

For example I like the way it's done in the menalto-gallery ( -> G2). You can set individual passwords from within the gallery.

2) sub-albums will have to be created "manually" by creating the links manually?
No. Sorry, no-go. I got GB of images in tons of galleries with tons of sub-galeries and I won't do that manually. No way.
I would need the script to create sub-galleries based upon the folders the stuff is in.
So when I drop a folder with two sub-folders on it, it is supposed to create a gallerie with two sub-galleries.

3) And the last item: From what I see, all pictures get loaded in the original resolution from beginning on? As my pics are high-res, this will use up a lot of time for everbody to wait until all pics are loaded even though most people perhaps only watch a few images and the medium-sized version and don't go to view the full-res-version in "open new window".
Connected to this is another issue: I see that the gallery creator resizes the ORIGINAL picture instead of creating some preview-version of the desired size.

That is such a no-go!

No script is allowed to mess with the originals of my images - it should much rather create a mid-sized "middle version" of the image along with creating the thumbnails. That way, everyone could get the original in the highest possible resolution but still the whole thing would load much quicker than now - because in the album view you would only get the mid-sized pics displayed - the full resolution would only be loaded when you click on "open in new window".

Ok, that's my 3 reasons for not byuing your product but keep on searching.

best regards,