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Topic: Buildgallery script

I got everything setup on my webhost server. Went to run the buildgallery.php script and it threw an error stating that it could not create the thumbnails due to the picture size being too large. They were about 3400X5000 px taken with my Canon T2i. Why is this? I know the file sizes are too big, but was anxious to see if SV is really as easy to setup as stated. It is other than the fact it didn't create thumbs for the images.

Any help?

Re: Buildgallery script

You can either use one of the desktop plug-ins to create the gallery or reduce the size of your images before using buildgallery.php

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Buildgallery script

Mike it would be great if you could enlighten me as to the maximum photo size that that .php script will work with? Thanks for your help.