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Hello all!

I already have my own web space and site which I designed  neutral ages ago. I desperately want to revamp and change it completely and think that SimpleViewer would be ideal for displaying my artwork. It's at:  (  )   No laughing now! I've only built a few sites over the years, so that's my excuse!  tongue

Anyway, I had seen SV used on other sites on my travels and really liked it. I eventually found that I could use JAlbum to create a SV gallery (or galleries).
Now JAlbum is a brilliant idea, especially as it is free. However, after trying the SV 'skin' included in it, I stepped back a bit as I don't fully understand the 'skins' thing.
Will keep trying but in the meantime I thought I'd gather some info on SimpleViewer and how best to use it.

This week I discovered that the SV script can be utilised in Photoshop CS3.
So, I tried. Can't even get started on that one as I can't see the full script window in PS! (I understand there is a problem with this, but I refuse to get a bigger monitor as was suggested to someone in another thread!). And when I tried changing my screen resolution everything went bonkers! (again suggested previously).

So here I am, ready and longing to use SV to get my site looking good, but am struggling to do so. I feel have spent more time figuring out where to start than I should have: time that should be used to actually configure and create my galleries!

I don't mean this as a complaint coz I usually do a lot of research on, well ANYTHING really (I just love learning stuff smile  I just feel a wee bit frustrated as I want to get on with it - to see something visual happening if u know what I mean!

So, here's a few simple queries:

   Can SV be used as a standalone and if so, how?

   If not, how do I really get started?

   What editor/s can be used?

etc etc

Look forward to some pointers. Cheers the noo!

(Many thanks to SV's team for all their hard work. I shall succeed, I shall, I shall....)

Re: Newbies & SV: Best Way To Get Started?

I can't see the full script window in PS

Currently you either have to increase your screen resolution or tab down to the create gallery button.

Can SV be used as a standalone and if so, how?

Do you mean does the gallery need to be used with another program like JAlbum or do you need a program such as photoshop to create a gallery? You technically don't need either, you can find a list of programs to create galleries here or you can manually create a gallery using these directions.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Newbies & SV: Best Way To Get Started?

Cheers miker!

I had already read the links u suggested - that's how I discovered that Pshop could be used. As I mentioned, I am having problems with that - I don't even know how to 'tab down'   hmm  .

Do you mean does the gallery need to be used with another program like JAlbum or do you need a program such as photoshop to create a gallery?

That's exactly what I meant miker and you answered it perfectly: that was basically what I needed to know. I know a photo editor is pretty handy though. And, although I have never really used Notepad, I get the gist of what it does so may give that a go. I am not looking for an easy way of album/gallery creation: I have hundreds of images I want to display so just need something to help make the process a tad quicker without being 'bogged down' with too many options like templates etc. (Everyone knows how long a woman can take to make up her mind?!  lol )

(A wee while later... )
I just stumbled across a smart little app called Porta. Dunno if u heard of it? I certainly had not, until now.

You just point it to a folder of images and it creates a gallery of those images.
It's small in size, very easy to use and includes SimpleViewer as a template!!
I tried it today and boy, it was fast! I had a basic test gallery completed in minutes! Incredibly quick - and gave me the pic album I been lookin for, or the basis of it anyway. Much much simpler than JAlbum, although JA has it's own benefits, depending on what u are looking for.

Even the Porta website is clear, simple yet full of relevant info and help, inc forum.
All that and it's FREE! (Hmm - am waitin for the catch..) Will delve into it some more, see what happens. 
As you are much more knowledgable than me it would be interesting to read your opinion on Porta if you can spare the time. Anyway, I'm babbling on now so here's the link:

Well,  it's back to gallery creating for me.
Now I feel more confident and see things a bit clearer: I'll get there in the end!
Thanks sooo much for your response miker: you are sound cool

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Re: Newbies & SV: Best Way To Get Started?

I used this site Portaand within days mcafee was saying I had a dangerous site... (Porta)