Topic: Captions with URL links

Thanks for taking a look!

I'd like to have a caption that looks like this:

   Little Johnny
Park Street School

How do I make "Park Street School"  a clickable link that opens the Park Street School web site in a new window?

I've look around the support documentation and the Pro Config Options and keep seem to figure it out.


Re: Captions with URL links

Your caption would look like the following.

   Little Johnny
<u><a href="" target="_blank">Park Street School</a></u>
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Captions with URL links

Mike you rock!  That worked great.

Now for my next question...

How do I make "Little Johnny" a different color than "Park Street School"?

I know how to set the overall color using the SVBuilder but not how to make the caption 2 different colors.

I owe you Man!