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Topic: background vs photo size

When I create a photo gallery, it appears to create a border or padding around the slideshow area that I cant shrink. I ask this because when Im in Dreamweaver, I create a box of 850px x 600px. Even though I sized my photos to 850px wide, the photos only show up at around 675px wide because of the border, even for panoramic photos that are only 300px tall. I try resizing the working box in dreamweaver but it just shrinks everything.

Here is an exmple:

Here is another example example.

How can I make a gallery that shows photos 850x wide and the working box in dreamweaver is 850px wide? I cant have a working box be 1000px wide because I have other invisible objects in my working space.


Re: background vs photo size

Check out the layout guide for info on adjusting the padding around the image.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.