Topic: Load SWF files into flash website?

I get the whole embedding simpleviewing in to flash.  I follow all the directions and I can get it to load multiple galleries in that specific flash file.  The only thing I can't do is get that file to load on my flash website.  I tried loading the swf's as movies but when I click on the button, they are just blank.  How do I integrate these simpleviewer swf's into my already created website.  I don't want simple viewer to load until I hit the correct button.

Am I approaching this all wrong?

Re: Load SWF files into flash website?

I think I answered my own question.  My website is AS2, and from what i have read, AS3 swf files won't open in AS2 files.  If I am incorrect, or if there is a workaround, please help me out.


Re: Load SWF files into flash website?

I would suggest you try an API like SWFBridge for AS2 to AS3 communication.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.