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Is there a way to use the SimpleViewer template I created in Lightroom to create galleries with Aperture or svBuilder?

I was looking to switch over to Aperture from Lightroom but the SimpleViewer template in Lightroom offers much more control to create cleaner galleries.

- I like the how the title, back button and additional info are locked to the top of the browser window and the thumbnails and navigation are locked to the bottom of the browser window.

- The thumbnails are displayed as landscape or portrait depending on the source file.

SimpleViewer exported from Lightroom:

Re: Lightroom SimpleViewer template in Aperture...

There is a SimpleViewer 1.x plug-in for Aperture, but I do not believe there is a plug-in for SimpleViewer 2. You may be able to modify the old Aperture plugin to get it working. … rture.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Lightroom SimpleViewer template in Aperture...

Thanks for the reply.

I've been using that old plugin to export a basic gallery then adjusting it to suit my tastes in svBuilder. Thanks to your help I'm close to recreating the Lightroom gallery template that I like. Besides some aesthetic details, the only other thing I would like to do is replicate all of the text/info that I have in the Lightroom gallery.

The Lightroom template that I really like:

svBuilder template that I'm working on: … 81410.html

This is all the info that I would like to have included in the svBuilder version:
1. A line that references what part of the site the viewer is on (i.e. 'HANKfilm Photo Gallery') - NEED THIS
2. A line that details the specific gallery the viewer is looking at (i.e. 'Band of Horses - Athens, GA - August 13-14, 2010) - HAVE THIS
3. Back button to return to the 'HANKfilm Photo Gallery' where the viewer can see and select from the other galleries - HAVE THIS

Basically, I'm looking for a way to include one more line of text. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again.