Topic: Gallery XML Not Showing

I have seen this message show up many times, but I still can't get mine to work either. I can see Simpleviewer with my images locally, but when I upload everything to the server and try to bring in simple viewer on one of my pages, it just says Gallery XML not found. I have checked to make sure the image path is the same in the image folder as it is on the XML file, but still doesn't work. I have TRIED everything and nothing seems to work. In the folder I uploaded on my server I have the Images folder, the Thumbs folder, the gallery.xml, the simpleviewer.swf and the readme.html. I want this to onto a page within my site, so I thought I just pull the swf in and that would find the images, but not working. What exact code should I be pulling in? I have spend DAYS trying to figure this out. PLEASE HELP!!!


Re: Gallery XML Not Showing

What is the URL of the page that your are having the issue with?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.