Topic: SV v1 vs. v2 and Adobe LR3 and TTG

best do this by example. i just started testing SV v2, check this link in Apple Safari 5.0.1 vs. Firefox 3.6.8

i'm on latest 2010 Macbook Pro and only SAFARI loads the page ?! Why ?

this is with previous version v1.9

there is also an issue with the page being centered in v2, rather then at the top as in v1.9 - these are the TTG profiles, the v2 doesn't have the vAlign options top / center / bottom as v1 in the customizing options in LR3

is that a feature missing from v2 ? i like the sleek style of v2, but it doesn't do what i need from LR3

Re: SV v1 vs. v2 and Adobe LR3 and TTG

You need to specify the height of certain elements in your CSS.
Add the following code to your default.css file:

html, body, #wrap, #main, #flashContent {
    height: 100%;

You could try using/changing the imageVAlign and thumbVAlign options and perhaps even useFixedLayout. … tions.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team