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I've just written a little bit of PHP that generates the imageData.xml xml file (and does a few other useful things) so that SimpleViewer will display a certain set from Flickr. I've called it FlickrViewer ;-)

It uses the flickr api, includes caching (for speed) and direct linking to the main flickr image web page. You can see my example here

At the moment I'm not ready to circulate the code, but if anyone would like to help out by testing it on their own web servers then that would be appreciated!



Re: Integration with flickr

This is fantastic!

Thanks for developing this. I know a lot of people will find it very useful. Hopefully you get plenty of Alpha Testers.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Integration with flickr

If you need an alpha tester - I'm game.  Long time user of Simpleviewer and Flickr and hosting two sites.

Re: Integration with flickr

Right, the code is now ready for use :-) I think it should be OK to use, but please read the instructions first.

Full details here: … ckrviewer/

See it in action here:

Any questions, then get in touch!

Re: Integration with flickr

Works great so far - awesome for an alpha version.  No problems yet - was real easy to set up.

I'll give any updates or feedback as I hack around and integrate it into my site more.

- Zack

Re: Integration with flickr

Looks good Zack! I'd be interested to hear what changes you felt you needed to make so that I can make it easier for other people to make those changes in the future....



Re: Integration with flickr

Just a quick note to let you know I've released FlickrViewer 1.1. This adds a few new features:

- An option to show/hide link to flickr photo page
- An option to show/hide image caption/title
- An option to enable/disable server-side caching
- Added cache-friendly HTTP headers
- Added a debug mode to provide extra information when diagnosing installlation/configuration problems

I'm already thinking about more features! The next release will probably have support for multiple flickr sets.

-- Mark