Topic: heads cropped off

i have a problem with my simpleviewer gallery, images get cropped to fit in the square box, i am use the webengine from TTG to make my gallery..
i have never had this problem when i used porta for generating my albums, as i could choose to either crop or fit the thumbnails..

the reason i ain't using it any more is that it is impossible to embed it in an html page that is not in the gallery folder, at least i don't know how to, and have spent hours trying to figure it out.

but with the gallery created by the TTG webengine for lightroom it is piece of cake..
is there any way to make the thumbnails NOT being cropped??

btw. i have tried to make them the correct size manually, and then putting them in the thumbnail folder, but then the gallery just up-sizes them so they fit the whole square and gets cropped again..

Re: heads cropped off

The standard version of SimpleViewer v2.0.3 uses square thumbnails 75x75 px.
(The pro version allows you to size the thumbnails as required via thumbHeight and thumbWidth variables.)

To avoid the viewer cropping a rectangular image to fit the square boundaries, you'll need to create square thumbnails, either by cropping the images yourself beforehand or by padding the images out (ie adding 'blank' portions either side of each image to make it square).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: heads cropped off

Thanks for the reply, guess i'll have to keep using porta for generating my albums, as it don't crop the images.. 
i found a way to implement it, but it's much harder, guess that's what it "costs" if i don't want the thumbs to be cropped.