Topic: solution for different galleries?

hi all,
i do have the same question as sascha kote, a couple of months ago:
how can i unload the simple viewer, to use different galleries? i need to embed these galleries inside two different krpano-panoramas. each panorama should have his own gallery. any ideas on this?

what i am working on, can be found here: … ektbar_02/
(hit the "galerie" button to see the gallery and the button with numerb "2" to see the second pano, which should feature the second gallery)

regards, jan

Re: solution for different galleries?

Have you looked at the example for embedding SimpleViewer into flash that comes with the pro download?

    //unload previous simpleviewer instance
    if (svAPI != null ) svAPI.dispose();
    svAPI = null;
    //flash 9 - unload
    if (swfLoaded) svLoader.unload();
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: solution for different galleries?

Hi Mike,
thanks for that. I assume, i have to put this code somewhere in the fla? and afterwards export the fla?
sorry i am not into flash and actiosnscript. if you could show me the way a little, i will ask a flash-guy to to help me out...

Regards, Jan
I am sure, the krpano community would love you for a solution!