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Topic: SW does not display Title of image in WP


I am running WP 3.0.1 with SV 2 PRO.  How do I get SV to show Title of the images in the gallery in bold like it does with the flickr examples?  It will only show what is in the captions field of WP.  There is no WP configurations options listed on your config page.  How can I bold the text in the captions if it is the only option?  Is there a way to type vertically like this in captions?


I also had troubles when running WP2.8 where using SV edit gallery function it would not save any added pro codes as well as background colour.  I have yet to fully test if it still does this on WP 3.0.1.

Is there any work arounds for these issues?


Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

When using a non-Flickr gallery, the viewer displays captions from the 'Caption' fields (visible when uploading images or editing images from the Media Library).
To create a new line in a caption, use an HTML line break <br>.
To make text bold, encapsulate in in <b>...</b> tags.
Check out this FAQ regarding HTML formatting of captions.
http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/su … l#custom_1
The WordPress plugin uses the same swf file as a SimpleViewer gallery created using any other method so all (Pro swf) configurations found here apply:
http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pr … tions.html
When using WordPress 3.0.1 and SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin v2.0.4, Pro options are saved and the background color works.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

Thanks Steven.

Adding Html line breaks manually directly to the xml file via ftp? to each picture doesn't sound to inviting.  If i could do it in wp i wouldn't mind as much but wp does not show any html code to edit just an SV string.  Is there any way to use the description field in wp for captions instead as it physically allows one to hit enter(page break?)  I think my needs are quite unique.

Bold Image Title on top of the captions box on the other hand is something I would really like to have.  Is there any plans in the future to enable it?

Not sure if i should start another thread but I have changed my uploads directory to uploads/folio to separate it from normal blog posts and SV creates a gallery xml in that directory as it should.  The problem I have is SV is calling xml file from original uploads directory and not the new uploads/folio directory hence giving the error cannot read gallery.xml.  How do I change the location where each SV gallery calls from or saves to?  for example


Should i be using SVbuilder in order to do this with wordpress?


Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

I was suggesting just entering a caption such as:

This is one line.<br>This is another line.

... in the caption field in the WordPress interface when adding/editing an image (rather than editing the XML file directly).
Even if I knew where in the plugin code the gallery pulls its captions from, I don't know enough about the internals of WordPress to know what the variable name they give to the Description field is.
The plugin uses the existing WordPress interfaces to add images to the gallery, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to inject a checkbox for bold captions into it.  If you want all your captions to be bold, then you can enter the <b> tags directly into the caption field or, perhaps, use a regex search and replace on the XML file to encapsulate all captions in <b></b>.
Doing a search through all the SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin files, the only reference to the uploads folder I could find was in the plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php file.
Line 697 of wp-simpleviewer.php (plugin version v2.0.5):

$gallery_file_name = WP_CONTENT_URL . "/uploads/$gallery_id.xml";

Changing 'uploads' to 'uploads/folio' might make the change you are looking for.  You may need to deactivate/recativate the plugin.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

thanks again steven

that page break within captions worked a treat.

for your solution to changing location of gallery.xml it works but is limited to one gallery and folder at a time.  If there was a way to say search within all the sub directories of uploads ie, folio, furniture, holiday,ect or list multiple locations we would be onto a winner.  do you have any coding suggestions?

the only solution i can think of is keep gallery.xml locations to just uploads but upload pictures to separate sub folders and then re-add them manually via media library, inserting into post and deleting and inserting next and deleting, etc.  not the most efficient way of doing it but it's the only way i can think of so far that seems to work.  I am not sure if by doing this SV will auto generate thumbnail pics though.
any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

just played with it abit more and here is my new temporary solution for others until a cleaner solution is found.

1. You have to insert new SV gallery into a post/page that has media upload setting to default wp_content/uploads for it to place gallery.xml in default location.
2. Once created change uploads dir to whatever you want eg. wp_content/uploads/folio.
3. Begin uploading pics normally to SV gallery.
    NOTE! because upload path has changed you cannot publish, trash, preview, update the page or post!
4. Once you are finished with uploading pics, go back and change upload dir to default wp_content/uploads.  You can now save, update, publish your post/page.

Thats pretty much it so far.  so every time you need to upload new pics to gallery you have to remember to change to and from custom upload dir and whenever you want to make a new custom gallery you have to remember to create it with default upload dir.

Feel free to add anything else that may be useful.

Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

why do you need to change where the gallery xml files are saved?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: SW does not display Title of image in WP

because i want to upload to custom directories and keep it separate from blog posts.  if i change upload dir in wp and then insert a new SV gallery it creates the .xml in that dir but the SV plugin or whatever calls from default uploads dir thus the gallery does not work.

if there is a way for me to change upload location and have new .xml saved in default location or vice versa where it is created in new dir and can be called from that dir i am open to suggestions.