Topic: Compact-Stlye: Thumbnails cut off

I've embedded SimpleViewer on and unfortunately the thumbnails are being placed too far to the left and right, so they are cut off. How can I prevent this?

Re: Compact-Stlye: Thumbnails cut off

Although SimpleViewer will resize the main image dynamically depending on the size of the container, the thumbnails are of a fixed size (75px square by default).
You have chosen 6 thumbnail columns and have specified the size of your flashContent <div>s to be too small (366px wide) to accomodate them all, hence the cut-off.  You could either increase the size of the flashContent <div>s or reduce the number of thumbColumns (in the XML files) to 3 at the most.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Compact-Stlye: Thumbnails cut off

Thank you very much for the thumbColumns advice!  :)