Topic: problem after moving wp to another folder

in this case i moved a wp site from a design folder to the root of the domain.
as expected all the links were broken in the sv galleries. i found that these reside in the xml files in the upload folder.
used find/replace on all of them in dreamweaver and everything was perfect again.

unfortunately another problem arose..
whenever i make any change to a gallery (like deleting a picture) the xml in question is overwritten and the old path's show up again with broken links as a result.
the strangest thing is that it's only the links to the pics themselves that are pointing to the old path again, the thumbnail paths stay correct.
since WP knows the correct path, it seems that your plugin has stored the old path somewhere where i can't find it and whenever it rewrites the xml it uses that wrong path again.

where can i change this please?

Re: problem after moving wp to another folder


Re: problem after moving wp to another folder

I realise you are waiting patiently for an answer which is why I'm responding but I'm afraid I do not know.
What you have done is not part of the standard installation procedure and, being that I didn't write the plugin, I am unable to answer your query.  I have searched through all the plugin files but cannot seem to find what you are looking for.
Perhaps someone else can shed some light on your query...

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team