Topic: Simpleviewer pro 2.0.3 with flicksort option don t work ?


My question is about SimpleViewer. I have the Pro version 2.0.3 and sorting options for images in Flickr does not seem to work. for example: flickrSort = "DATE-POSTED-DESC" does not seem to work. I have put a tag on the images, creating an album and check carefully the order of upload images, but nothing works!
Do you have an idea or a workaround. The sort option is very important.


Attached the xml gallery, and my url for the test :
The XML file is in the same URL the name is corps.xml

Re: Simpleviewer pro 2.0.3 with flicksort option don t work ?

I've just uploaded a test set of images to a Flickr account in order to test this and flickrSort="DATE-POSTED-DESC" (and flickrSort="DATE-POSTED-ASC") works as expected on my test set.
However, I've tried it on your 'corps' set and although DATE-POSTED-DESC and DATE-POSTED-ASC both produce different (and consistent) orders for the images, they are not completely reversed.
It's just a thought but, perhaps, if several images within the set finished uploading at the same time, then the order of this batch might remain the same within the set no matter whether DATE-POSTED-DESC or DATE-POSTED-ASC is used.

You could try rearranging the images within Flickr itself (using ) and use the flickrSetId option which overrides the flickrUserName and flickrTags and will use the Flickr set display order. (To get a Flickr set id, go to the set's Flickr page.  The id is the last numerical string in the URL.)

You may already have discovered the following pages but I'll include links to them as a reference:

SimpleViewer Pro Flickr options: … tml#flickr

Here are a couple of FAQ on Flickr that might be useful: … #general_5

I hope these suggestions and links prove useful.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Simpleviewer pro 2.0.3 with flicksort option don t work ?

:)   Ok with flickrSetId all is Ok