Topic: Gallery within a gallery possible? ("Index" thumbs?)

Hi. I want to have a grid of thumbnails appear as a kind of index page to multiple galleries. Each thumbnail when clicked would take you to another Simpleviewer gallery, rather than a single image. That first thumbnail would be acting as an index or "album cover" as it were. At the second level, the gallery would behave normally. Is this possible in any way?

I could hard code the thumbnails on the index page to link to individual Simpleviewer galleries, but they would lack the animated styling of the deeper galleries, since I don't know Flash (or HTML5). What attracted me to SimpleViewer in the first place was the slickness of that styling, so...


Re: Gallery within a gallery possible? ("Index" thumbs?)

I'm trying to do something similar. I'd like the thumbnails to link to other parts of my site, rather than to a single image. I've thrown together a mock-up of what the page would look like:

This way, relatively large thumbnails could represent different gallery pages on my site, and thumbnails that don't fit within the "index" page can be accessed nicely using thumb navigation - but there doesn't seem to be any way to make thumbnails link to there?

Re: Gallery within a gallery possible? ("Index" thumbs?)

It is not possible to assign links to each thumbnail but you could perhaps use changeCaptionOnHover ( … tml#thumbs) and embed the links to the galleries in the captions ( … l#custom_1).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gallery within a gallery possible? ("Index" thumbs?)

Hmmm...unfortunately I think that while the user mouses over to the caption area to activate the link, if they accidentally hover over a different thumb, the caption would change from the one they want. Also, I'd have to explain this whole process on the page somewhere.

Is there a way to position the caption over the active thumbnail? If the caption pops up right there, it should be obvious what the user should do, and it would be easy to do it.

If that's not possible... I might actually have to use a different gallery package (*tear in my eye).

Thanks for the responses!