Topic: Adding Branding to my Gallery

I've just upgraded to Pro 2.1 and need to add branding to my viewer.  It looks like the only way to do this is with a background image.

*  Is that correct?
*  If so, what size do I make the image so it will look normal?
*  Can I make it so a smaller image appears in the upper left corner of the browser (right above the thumbnails)?

Please don't tell me how to do this in the code.  I don't know code, don't read it, am afraid of it.  I use simpleviewer because it was so simple.  And I'm just sure that there is a way to do this without using code.

Thank You to anyone who can help!

Re: Adding Branding to my Gallery


there are 5 ways you can add a branding image to your SimpleViewer gallery. I've ordered them by how easy they are to implement.

1) Add branding as a watermark image over the main image. Use the Watermark options.

2) Use the Background Image options to add your logo at top-left of the gallery. Set the 'BackgroundURL' option to point to your logo image. Set 'BackgroundScale' to  NONE.

3) Add the image into the gallery title. in svBuilder, set the title text to

<img src="mylogo.png"></img>

You will also want to set 'floatTitle' to 'false' and set 'titleHeight' to be the height of your image using the title options.

4) Add your branding into the HTML page that embeds your gallery.

5) Embed SimpleViewer SWF into a container SWF and add branding in the container SWF

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.