Topic: SVPro 2.1 not working w/Safari

When I "Publish" using svBruilder-Pro and have "view in Browser" checked Safari launches but the page will not load.  Then Safari freezes and I have to "force quit".  I've tried this several times and it does not work.  Can you helep please?

I've opened the "index.html" file with Firefox and it works fine.

I've download SVPro 2.1

I've upgraded the SV Builder

I've tried to upgrade the script in Photoshop.  The instructions say:

"Copy the /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder."  There isn't a "simpleviewer.swf" file in the "web" folder.

There is one /web/svcore/swf/simpleviewer.swf.  I've tried to use this one but Safari still won't work.

Everything was great w/ 2.0.3

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: SVPro 2.1 not working w/Safari

Sounds like you may have a bad Flash install in Safari. Try upgrading/reinstalling your Flash Player:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SVPro 2.1 not working w/Safari

Thanks Felix!

The Flash player (re)install worked fine.  This does concern me a little.  I do regular (weekly) software updates and I'm running Mac OS 10.6.4  Do you have more info on this issue.

Also, any info on the location of the "simpleviewer.swf" with the Pro download?

Thank you, thank you!