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Hi All !

First, please sorry for my bad english, I'll try to do my best !

I'm a fresh new user of simpleviewer and I'm completely satisfied. This is my first post in this forum, so please be indulgent :)

My configuration :

NAS Qnap TS 219P with last firmware
MySQL 5.1.36
phpMyAdmin 3.3.5 (qpkg)
Wordpress 3.0.1
simpleviewer-pro 2.10
WP-Simpleviewer plugin 2.0.5

To publish a gallery, I first use svbuilder-pro to build it, then I upload the images and copy/paste the needed informations in Wordpress (like caption, pro otions etc)

All is working just fine, but I have 2 questions :

- When the gallery is in full screen mode, I cannot use the download button ton download the image. This button is only available when the gallery is viewed directly in the post. Is there an solution for that ?
- To optimise the loading speed of my galleries, I used reduced images (made with svbuilder-pro). When I click the Download button, I would like that it's the full size image to be downloaded. Is there a solution for that ? I supposed that I have to upload the full size images in a folder on my server, then what ? Which parameter do I have to modify in gallery.xml ?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Download full size images

The 'Download Image' and 'Open Image in New Window' buttons are disabled in FullScreen mode by design.

The 'Download Image' button will download the image displayed by SimpleViewer (as specified by the imageURL in the xml file).

If you want to upload the full size images and have them available for download, you could use showOpenButton="true" (as found here: … #buttonbar) and then use linkURL to specify the path to the image (which would be opened in a new tab/window when the user clicks on the 'Open Image in New Window' button; the next best thing to a direct download), eg:

<image imageURL="images/image1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/thumb1.jpg" linkURL="full_size/full_size1.jpg" linkTarget="_blank"></image>

... or link a caption directly to an image, eg:

<image imageURL="images/image1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/thumb1.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget=""></image>
<caption><a href="full_size/full_size1.jpg">Click here</a></caption>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Download full size images

It is not possible to enable the 'Download Image' and 'Open Image in New Window' buttons in FullScreen mode.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Download full size images

If it is not possible to enable download while in full screen (is that a limitation of Flash?), I would like to propose an alternative.

But first, why this matters to me (and perhaps others).  I just purchased SV Pro and am trying to get my new site going.  I plan to have a small note on the page to encourage viewers to use full screen mode for the best possible experience.  My clients and their friends & family will know they can download the images, as that is part of the deal and will be explained at each event.  If I tell them to use full screen, but then they can't download images, it is going to cause much confusion with my clients and no doubt a few "what the heck!?" emails to me.  This will require me to add more explanatory text on the page which will only further clutter SV's clean look and sound broken and mickey-moused.

Can you modify the code of SV Pro to force-quit full screen mode when the download button is clicked, then execute your pre-existing code for that button?  It is a shame that downloads will not work in full screen, but at least this solution will allow the button to work with the only side-effect being that it dumps you out of full screen (much less confusing than a non-functional button, I should think).  If everyone is not keen on this solution, it could be added as an option in the xml instead of a full-time feature.

Re: Download full size images

Thanks for posting this suggestion in the 'Feedback and Feature Requests' forum where it will not be overlooked.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team