Topic: Adding a PayPal "Buy this print" feature to images

Dear SimpleViewer staff:

Are there environment, JavaScript, php or other variables that SimpleViewer-Pro v2 sets that describe the main image being displayed, and / or any of its metadata fields? (Ideally I'd like to see same exposed for thumbnail images being hovered over).

This would be for PayPal shopping cart integration, which would include a hidden form field specifying image id (supplied by your software as per above), a pulldown menu specifying image size/usage and price, a text field, and a PayPal Submit / Buy button.

I would like to see any shopping cart integration docs for your viewer.

Many thanks


Re: Adding a PayPal "Buy this print" feature to images

You can use the API with JavaScript or ActionScript to get the image URL or the index number of the image. … t/api.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.