Topic: Gallery not showing in IE6 to 8

hi all.
I have the SimpleViewer gallery on my website here:

but it isnt working in the internet explorer browsers 6 - 8. Ive changed my FTP client (to classicFTP / apple) as i was using Fetch, and i've changed the DOCTYPE as recommended on another thread, but still no luck.

would very much appreciate some pointers on where i may be going wrong..

cheers Nerf

Re: Gallery not showing in IE6 to 8

Look like Felix's fix in this post will fix your problem: … 376#p26376

Essentially, either use the JavaScript embed method as found here: … html#embed
You have most of the required code already on your page; you just need to add:

<div id="flashContent"></div>

... wherever you want your gallery on the page (and remove the <object> embed code which would then be redundant).

Or remove the two instances of:


... from your <object> embed code.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gallery not showing in IE6 to 8

thanks for your help steven. i believe i have it sorted now. all the best nerf