Topic: Installation error: "Cannot open XML document: gallery.


I just installed simpleviewer to make some tests and I get this when trying to run the buildgallery.php script:

Creating XML and thumbnails for SimpleViewer.

Sorting images by filename.
Sorting images in reverse order.

- Created Image Entry for: tono4.jpg
- Created Thumbnail for: tono4.jpg
- Created Image Entry for: tono3.jpg
- Created Thumbnail for: tono3.jpg
- Created Image Entry for: tono2.jpg
- Created Thumbnail for: tono2.jpg
- Created Image Entry for: tono1.jpg
- Created Thumbnail for: tono1.jpg
- Created Image Entry for: 115-1503_IMG.jpg

Cannot open XML document: gallery.xml

I guess that because of the error in the last line I cannot see the gallery but a bunch of Xs instead. Anyone knows why and how can I solve this problem?
Thank you.


Re: Installation error: "Cannot open XML document: gallery.

try to create an empty gallery.xml file and set permission to 666 on it first.

The script doesn't have permission to modify the file.


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