Topic: HTML gallery doesnt work

Hi, I´ve purchased yesterday svpro. I´ve tried to make a gallery with different settings and different O.S. (windows vista and OsX 10.6), and the results are always the same... the same gallery.

My gallery is a simple slideshow with no thumbnails. I´ve set white background,  white captions (on hover), triangle nav button and they doesn´t  work. I Only can see standard nav buttons, allways grey caption. Ivé tried with different settigns and always the same.

Flash gallery works, but i need html.

Any suggestions?

Re: HTML gallery doesnt work

When using mobile/HTML rather than flash, only the standard navigation buttons are available.

You can set the color of the captions using HTML formatting in the XML file: … l#custom_1

If using HTML formatting, please note that the mobile/HTML version will treat the font size as seen here rather than as an absolute 'px' value.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team