Topic: What am I doing wrong?

My first attempt at site building - forgive me if you have heard it all before.
I have built a very simple 6 page site using Dreamweaver CS5, one page of which is to have a Simpleviewer gallery.
For this gallery page I simply put a menu bar at the top - intending to add the SV below.
This page initially looked like this:
(without the text below the menu)

I then fired up SV builder, specified the images on Flickr, changed the display and when prompted to 'Save gallery', gave the root folder address for 'Gallery folder' and the relevant page 'paintings.html' for the Index Page Name. When I clicked on Save,
I got the message 'Overwrite folder?.......etc etc. Yes/No.
This frightened me so I chose No.
I then copied the embed code and returned to Dreamweaver.
Where I got a message 'this file has been modified outside DW, do you want to reload it?
Once more I chose No.
I then pasted the embed code in the relevant place - under the menu bar, saved and uploaded the page.
I then uploaded the svcore folder and the gallery.xml.
However what I now have is a working SV gallery on my 'paintings' page:

But without the menu bar.................

And if I now look at the page in Dreamweaver, everything is wiped and I just have a white blank page.

Where have I gone wrong?

Any help gratefully received !

(Incidentally the images are quite slow to load from Flickr - presumably they would be faster if I hosted them with the rest of the site?)

Re: What am I doing wrong?

I have just discovered that it looks fine on my wifes' laptop running IE7 and the problem only exists when I look at it on my computer - either in Firefox or IE6.

curiouser and curiouser....

Re: What am I doing wrong?

And if I now look at the page in Dreamweaver, everything is wiped and I just have a white blank page.

What does it look like in a browser? Would you put up the page that is having the issue, so that we can take a look?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: What am I doing wrong?

Mike, thank you for your rapid response.
Since my last post I have been learning a bit more - or trying to - the page that seemed to have got corrupted is:

but I have now got one working reasonably well which is:

What now puzzles me is why this last one looks different in Firefox and IE7 - spacing and  frame width are both different,
and in IE6 it is a complete disaster - the SV gallery overlaps the menu bar completely.

Whatever happened to standards?

I will sleep on it and perhaps it will all make more sense in the morning.

Re: What am I doing wrong?

Validating you page at W3C reveals that you have two <div> elements inside <p> elements.
Once you move the <div> elements outside of the <p> elements, your document will validate and it should be rendered more consistently across different browsers.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team