Topic: How to use SV Pro in WYSIWYG Web Builder?

How do I use Simple Viewer Pro with Web Builder? I have Web Builder 7.2 and Simple Viewer 2.03 extension installed. I purchased and successfully installed Simple Viewer Pro (I located the pro website using the link provided at the Web Builder website). I have no idea how to integrate the gallery I created in SV Pro into my Web Builder Website.

I tried creating a SV gallery and then click on the Pro Version button and specify the path where the Pro Version is installed. But I don't see what this accomplishes. I would greatly appreciate it if some one could outline the steps explaining how to use SV Pro with WYSIWYG Web Builder.

Re: How to use SV Pro in WYSIWYG Web Builder?

I am not familiar with Web Builder but, being that this is essentially a question about Web Builder rather than SimpleViewer, you are more likely to receive help over in the Web Builder forums here:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: How to use SV Pro in WYSIWYG Web Builder?

I did post the same question on the Web Builder forum. I posted it hear also because I thought it might be possible that some one who uses Web Builder might also uses SV Pro and can answer my questions.

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instructions for how to upgrade the WYSIWYG Web Builder SimpleViewer Extension to SimpleViewer-Pro are included in the SimpleViewer Extension Documentation. This documentation is provided as a PDF with the extension download. If you are having problems upgrading, please contact WYSIWYG Web Builder support.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.