Topic: cannot parse gallery XML, injected XML

I'm trying to inject the XML file into the Response object of an aspx file like this.

In the jscript I add the following line:

        flashvars.xmlDataPath = "/photos/xmlviewer.aspx";

And in the Page_Load of the xmlviewer.aspx I have:

        Response.ContentType = "text/xml";

The xmlviewer.aspx is called (verified with a break point) but I receive the following error "cannot parse gallery XML"!

If I put the same XML file (without change) in the jscript like this, all is fine!

        flashvars.xmlDataPath = "/photos/demo.xml";

As someone the solution for this problem?
Thanks, Jean-Claude

Re: cannot parse gallery XML, injected XML

If you are using SimpleViewer 2.x you should be using galleryURL instead of xmlDataPath. Beyond that you need to make sure the xml is set UTF-8, text/xml like you have and if you navigate to /photos/xmlviewer.aspx does that xml that is generated matches the format of the gallery.xml.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.