Topic: upgrading LR TTG webengine

use simpleviewer.swf, simpleviwer_icc.swf or both when upgrading to 2.1 in LR TTG webengine?
the upgrade instructions need clarification.


Re: upgrading LR TTG webengine

The format of how the gallery is embedded has change and the plug-ins have not change to handle this yet. You can upgrade the Lightroom plug-in by replacing the simpleviewer.swf in the plug-in folder with the pro simpleviewer.swf, just make sure you are upgrading the SimpleViewer 2 Lightroom plug-in and not the SimpleViewer 1.x plug-in. If you use the galleries created by the Lightroom plug-in it will not have the mobile gallery code, you will need to open the galleries you create in svBuilder to have that portion of the embed code added or update the HTML and add the svCore folder manually. If you do this there really is no point in adding the pro swf to the Lightroom plug-in. Besides adding the pro swf to the Lightroom plug-in doesn't give you any extra configuration option in Lightroom, the only change is that the exported galleries just use the pro swf.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.