Topic: Problems Adding an SWF to my SV Gallery

Q1 - In the FAQ it says you can load .jpg, .png and "SWF" files as images. So I have a little .swf animation I want to add to my gallery. It says to: "Just add the SWF filename to the gallery.xml". So I opened the "gallery.xml" file but don't understand what I am supposed to add in there. Please explain!

Q2 - Also when I run the svBuilder application when I select the browse button and try and add the .swf animation to the gallery it just stalls when loading it. The .swf is only 288k so it shouldn't be too big. What am I doing wrong?

"SimpleViewer can load JPG, GIFs, PNGs and SWFs. Any other file types (text, video etc) are not supported.

SWFs are loaded in the same way as JPGs, just add the SWF filename to gallery.xml. Note that you will need to add a thumbnail SWF with the same name as the large SWF in the 'thumbs' folder (create a separate SWF that displays a thumbnail preview). Note that SWFs that use complex ActionScripting may not work as expected when loaded into SimpleViewer."

Re: Problems Adding an SWF to my SV Gallery

svBuilder does not support importing SWFs. You can add a SWF manually by creating the thumbnail and manually adding an image tag to the gallery.xml file.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problems Adding an SWF to my SV Gallery

1. You can use these instructions for manually adding content to the gallery.

2. 288k is pretty large for a swf, the simpleviewer.swf is only about 79k for example. I would suggest trying to reduce the size of the images you are using inside of your swf.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.