Topic: audio URL

I just started to use SVpro V2 and am trying to ad audio. I did put the MP3 file in the same folder as the index.html is and filled the URL out as    /xxx.mp3

this is not working

I follwed the manual and did put the MP3 file in a folder sounds but als no result. the URL I used was  sounds/xxx.mp3

pls show me the way to solve this


Re: audio URL

For a working example of the Audio feature, see the 'kitchen_sink' example in the 'simpleviewer_pro_210\examples\HTML_embed' folder from the Pro download Package. Take note of the file structure and 'audioURL' entry in 'kitchen_skin.xml'.

The Audio options can be found here: … html#audio
If specifying the mp3 file via a relative path, then the path is relative to the HTML document that contains SimpleViewer.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team