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Topic: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

Having eventually got a gallery running with SV v2 and Dreamweaver (thanks for your help), I have now upgraded to SV pro.
My aim is to 'simply' replace the existing gallery with a pro version.

It would seem that I have to replace 3 things:
1. the gallery.xml page
2. the sv core folder
3. the embed code on my gallery.html page.

Is their a best way of changing these?
i.e. should I simply overwrite them with the new info.
or make a new version of each file/folder and then delete the original version?

Any suggestions gratefully welcomed!

Re: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

All you should have to do is replace is the svCore folder and add any pro options to your existing gallery.xml.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

Mike, thank you for your prompt reply.
Could I be a bore and ask you to explain that more precisely - I have made a new gallery with svBuilder-pro,
do I then save the Gallery in the same folder as before, and under 'index.html'?
And then where do I find the new data to add to the existing gallery.xml?

All this is very new to me, so forgive my basic questions. I have found generally that your 'simple' instructions are not written for the beginner like myself. We all have to start somewhere!

Re: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

If you have the gallery running and all you want to do is update it to use the Pro version you do not need to create a new gallery. You can either open the existing gallery in svBuilder and save it or you can copy the pro svCore folder to the existing gallery. If you want to use the new gallery you created just replace the svCore folder and the gallery.xml folder and the image folders if they changed. You do not need to change the html file.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

Thank you, I have now managed to get the upgrade to svPro working - more or less!
This is the result:

Another question however, is it possible to reduce the space between the bottom of the main image and the top of the thumbnails?
I have deliberately chosen imageVAlign="TOP", in order to reduce the space between the top of the main image and the menu bar, but can find find no way to move the thumbnails vertically.

To complicate matters further, when I view this page in Firefox the main image size varies from one to the next - which is to be expected as the originals on Flickr vary in size, so when the image is quite small the gap I mention above becomes huge.
But if I view it on IE8, the main images seem to be more consistent in size. Is this normal.

And finally if I view it in IE6, it doesn't work at all.

Re: upgrade from SV v2 to SVpro v2.1

If you want complete control over the positioning of elements, you could use the Fixed Layout options:
http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pr … html#fixed

Your gallery looks OK to me in Firefox and IE8.

The reason it is not displaying correctly in IE6 may be due to the HTML errors which should be fixed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team