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Can I load presets created in avBuilder-Pro as templates in Lightroom 3 on PC. I have successfully upgraded existing LR3 templates as the "SimpleView: logo no longer appears. What I wish to do, however, is have new presets created in avBuilder-Pro (using Simpleviewer Pro 2.1) available for use as a template in the LR Web module. As a specific example,  I used the back button on the gallery created in avBuilder-Pro to link to another website and wish this feature to be included in the LR templates.  This will allow creating and uploading web templates from LR without the need to export images from LR to SimpleView galleries.

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You would either have to edit the existing Lightroom plugin or make one of your own. The SimpleViewer Lightroom plugin is made by the turning gate, they might have more information in their support documentation.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I overlooked the company difference and incorrectly assumed both products were from the same source.