Topic: Config preset in svBuilder-Pro continues to create old file on publish


I've saved one of my album configurations as a preset in svBuilder-Pro.  In the folder where the album was stored at the time, I had a file named daylilies.htm.  The file was a web page with header and navigation bar, with the simpleviewer embed code added, to serve as the web page for viewing the album.

Now I've changed my website look and daylilies.htm file, but every time I change my album in svBuilder-Pro and publish it, it overwrites not only the gallery.xml file etc., but also my daylilies.htm file.  Even if I publish my gallery to a new folder, the daylilies.htm is re-created.

It seems daylilies.htm has become part of my config preset, but how to get it out of there?  I've removed daylilies.htm from the folder and saved my album config to a new preset, but nope, daylilies.htm is still either re-created or overwritten every time I publish my album.

I can of course work around this issue by renaming my web page or maintaining it elsewhere and recopying it into place after a publish, but I'd rather learn to fix my preset.

Can anyone help?


Re: Config preset in svBuilder-Pro continues to create old file on publish


I don't think this is an issue with presets, rather it's related to the way svBuilder-Pro copies galleries to a new gallery folder.

If you open a gallery folder that contains extra, non-SimpleViewer files (for example your "daylilies.htm" file) and then save that gallery into a new gallery folder, the extra files will also be copied. This is by design. We don't delete non-SimpleViewer files since we don't know what files have been added or why.

To get rid of your extra file, try this:

1) Open the original gallery folder in Explorer or Finder.
2) Delete the extra file.
3) Restart or open svBuilder-Pro.
4) Open the original gallery folder with svBuilder-Pro.
5) Save it to a new folder. The extra file will not be copied to the new folder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Config preset in svBuilder-Pro continues to create old file on publish

Hi Felix,

Your fix worked for me.  Thanks!  I see, if I don't want the extra file in my gallery, I need to have it removed by the time I open it in svBuilder-Pro.  I thought SimpleViewer would just ignore any non-SimpleViewer files.  I understand now the reasoning behind not deleting non-SimpleViewer files.  Thanks for explaining.