Topic: Simple Viewer with Dreamweaver

Dear all,
               I am a newbe to all of this and I have managed to create a pretty good website (at least I think so!)  I have used Dreamweaver CS5
I have been trying to incorporate a photo gallery into a page that I have designated for this.  What has been happening is that each time I have been trying to save the gallery it has been overwritng some of my original files that my web site uses.  I have a file called  "images" which gets overwrited.
Some how I need to rename the files in sv builder so that it does not interfere with my web site operation?

Perhaps this has been answered elsewhere but I could not find anything. Or it is so obvious for most of you that it does not need to be explained. :)

I would appreciate any gems that you all may have.

Many thanks,


Re: Simple Viewer with Dreamweaver

You could just output the gallery into a separate folder and then either integrate the with your site files or leave it in that folder, copy that folder into your web site folder and use the iframe embed method.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.