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Hi all,

although my search showed that I am not the only one thinking about this, I still was unable to find a solution.
Am I able to provide an embedded YouTube video in SimpleViewer when a user gets to see my gallery.

I would find one the these OK as solutions :
-when the user gets to see the picture he choose from the thumbnails, instead of seeing the picture, he actually sees the embedded YouTube video.
-when the user sees the picture from the gallery, he can switch to "open the picture", but will instead get a new window with the YouTube video in it.

I am seeking to find a way to either change something in the svbuilder-pro do achieve the above, or to change the index or gallery file to achive it.
Is this possible, if yes, please tell me how.

with best regards and thanks in advance.

Re: YouTube in SimpleViewer

SimpleViewer does not support loading Youtube clips, but you maybe able to create a swf that loads the Youtube clip and then load that swf in to SimpleViewer. For more info see FAQ General #1: Will SimpleViewer load things other than JPG images?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: YouTube in SimpleViewer

Hi Mike,

that was a fast reply, thank You very much.
I have been playing with SV in the meantime and decided the easist way is to have a simple HTML file on my site which opens a site with only the YouTube embedded. In such way I can change the linkURL to the HTML site and by clicking on the download button the 'user' will actually get the YouTube video in another window. Yeah not perfect, but acceptable as I have no knowledge about swf at all.

All and all a nice little program, thank You for it.