Topic: Wrong purchase or wrong shipment


I'm writing from Italy so excuse for my lacunous pronunciation.
I purchased a Simple viewer Pro on 21-07-2010, but just now I have installed the program.
Following the on-line svBuilder-Pro User Guide, you says, at point 2 "Click 'New Gallery...'." but on my launched program does not exist this voice (exist only "open gallery folder"...)
So I have noticed that in zip file that you sent (called simpleviewer-pro) there were the SvBuilder installer package, not SvBuilder PRO installer pakage.... Can you clarify me?....I don't want to use simple viewer program, I was looking for an IDE to build the file by itselfs

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Re: Wrong purchase or wrong shipment

You are using an older version of svBuilder which does not have the 'New Gallery...' option.

You can download the latest versions of SimpleViewer Pro and svBuilder-Pro using the link sent to you via email when you purchased it.  Inside the zip package is the file 'svBuilder-Pro.air'.
Uninstall your current svBuilder and install the latest version.
When you svBuilder-Pro, you will now see two buttons 'New Gallery...' and 'Open Gallery...'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Wrong purchase or wrong shipment

OK, thanks. I will do.