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Topic: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

Have tried installing SV-pro2 (2 times now...), getting the blue screen and the message "a problem has occured......"
Shortly after Windows 7 Ultimate performs reboot !  :(

Looked through Forum, and found the link to Adobe, about the problem "installing AdobeAir when FolderLock is installed"
I`ve got that application, and would be sorry to delete it for ever, so this question:

If i uninstall FolderLock and afterwards are able to install SV-pro2 ( I sure hope so....!!), can i then re-install
FolderLock ???
Adobe does not mention this issue. Any knowledge on this please ??

regards Kim.

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

Ok, did an uninstall of FolderLock (software) as described on Adobe`s helpsection, as beeing an eventual
problem by installing "adobe air"/SV-Prov2.


I´m still just getting a blue screen after pressing "ok" to install, and PC reboots  :o

Any help would be a mercyfull act - or are the 45 $ just lost.....?

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

OK, as panic rises, one does try a lot..... But it seems a bit anoying having to do these things !
Having a stable Windows 7, actually never having the big trouble with this OS, and then all this fuzz installing
SV-prov.2... :(

Now, seems AdobeAIR has brought trouble to others ( member Giovyut 29/10... ), i downloaded the "AdfobeAIR-
installer,12 mb" at Adobe.... Did a clean install.... NO problems here (and yes, i`ve removed the appl. FolderLock).

So i run the sv-builderpro.air.... BLUESCREEN & Reboot !

I think this may be the time to here from "staff" on this matter, i for sure can`t see the solution.....

Regards  :/

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

This user seems to have had similar problems (having once had Folder Lock installed) but the solution in this case seems to have been to 'reinstall Folder Lock and uninstall it using its specific method'.
http://www.keptlight.com/index.php/2009 … -problems/

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

Thanks Steven, i`ll look into it later this day and be back with comment.


Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

OKay...Thats it ! i`ve had enough  :mad:

Followed every description on the issue to installproblems (on SVforum and Adobe ...)

-installede latest FolderLock v.6.5 AND uninstalled as described. Did a surch AND a PCcleaning....
-installed AdobeAIR 2.5.1 without any problems - tested it, function 100 %
-Runs "svBuilder-Pro.air"....

And when installation comes to "showing preferences" and you press "continue"...

Everything turns BLUE and a reboot follows once again !!!

Know, i´m really not satisfied with this product yet, and have no ideas anymore  :/

help appriciated - thanks.

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

and borrowed my wifes Pc..... she has great belief in me  :)

Installation went smooth.
PC has never seen the shadow of FolderLock (IFF thats the reason....?), so guess i must
wait a while, and maybe do a contact on creators of FolderLock....?

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

Problem solved thanks to feedback on the problem from inventor of FolderLock (NewSoftwares.Net).
And the problem was to delete "remains" from FolderLock-installation :


Go to My Computer on your desktop and then run it, and the click tools menu and then click "Folder Options..."

Then click the "View" tab and then select "Show hidden files and folders" option

and uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files"

and then  go to the System directory of your Windows which is typically C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\System

and search for a file "windrvNT.sys" in these folders. Then delete this file "windrvNT.sys" (this is Folder Lock locking driver file)  and then restart your computer.

Thanks to Michelle from The US - Michelle, you made my day. Hopefully this can help others that might jump in to this
Now i just have to try installing FolderLock, and see if these applets will go together, once SW has been installed - Well, i`ll wait a couple of days..... being a coward  :P

Re: can`t install - getting blue screen (W7 ultimate9

Thanks for posting back with the solution.
Hopefully, as you say, it will help others.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team