Topic: Images & Thumbs Directory For Each Gallery?

I'm running 2.0.3 and just downloaded the 2.1.1.  In the 2.0.3 environment I have one centralized directory on the hosted webspace for images and another directory thumbs.  All my galleries point to those two directories to get their images & thumbs.  Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks like now each gallery is supposed to have its sub-directories with those images?  It looks like this is not supported anymore -


Re: Images & Thumbs Directory For Each Gallery?

You can still use imagePath and thumbPath to define paths to thumbnail and main image folders in v2.1.1.
These v1.x options were depreciated with the advent of v2.x.  They are still supported for backwards compatibility.
(See the last two options in this section: … ml#general.)
The new style of <image> tags allows a unique address (either absolute or relative) for each image and thumbnail.
For an example of the new <image> tag style, see the 'gallery.xml' file in the 'web' folder of the SimpleViewer download.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team